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Disney Blog Hop

Disney Blog Hop


Hi everyone and Happy Saturday! Today, I am participating in the Disney/Pixar Blog Hop- and there are some FANTASTIC crafters on the hop, so be sure to stop by all of their blogs to see why they have created!

I wanted to think outside of the box, for my project- so I decided to make a card using my all-time favorite character, Kermit the Frog. Now, most people don’t think of Kerm

it as a Disney character- because he’s Kermit the Frog- he has his own category, right?  But, seriously- Kermit the frog belongs to The Walt Disney Company, so I thought he needed some of the spotlight!

Okay, I know this is going to date me….just saying that phrase dates me…lol!  I fell in love with Kermit at a very young age, and when I graduated High School– I still loved him….

I am laughing at myself for even sharing this picture right now! LOL

Okay, as some of you may know there is not a Muppets Cricut Cartridge, and I couldn’t even find a Kermit SVG floating around out there- except for one of Baby Kermit– but, that just isn’t the same.

So…I made one, using my silhouette software and I am going to share it with you.  You will be able to use it as long as you have the silhouette studio.

But, first let’s look at my project- which I think I am going to keep for myself!

As I was cutting Kermit out- I kept singing, “The Rainbow Connection,” so I thought it would be awesome if I put Kermit on a rainbow shaped card.  So, I cut out this rainbow card file from Samantha Walker.  I then embossed each of the colors of the rainbow using a different embossing folder.  I used D’vine swirls for the Yellow, Hexagons by Tim Holtz for the orange, tiny dots for the red, a tiny heart pattern for the blue, and Plaid by Basic Grey on the green.  I also added glossy accents and Martha Stewart coarse glitter to the left cloud. which I cut as 2 layers, so I could pop one up.

The stamped sentiment is from Pink by Design Rain or Shine.  To get the rainbow effect, I simply inked the sentiment in different sections, with different colors of ink. :)

Okay– who wants the super-duper-awesome Kermit silhouette file?! Just click below to download it!

Download it even if you don’t have a silhouette yet, but think you might be getting one!  See? Everyone wins this way :0)


Check out the rest of the hop!

Day One – May 19th


  1. OMG that is cute! Want to know something kind of funny? I did a very similar thing for one of MY senior pictures, only I had my Mickey Mouse dolls and I was the class of ’89! (you were 98 and I was 89 . . . NOW who is dating themselves!)

    Thank you for being in the hop!
    Shawn ~ Above Rubies Studio Affiliate Program Success Coach
    Crafty Chics Blog
    and ~ Find your Cricut images FAST!

  2. Great Project! I am a Kermy fan also. Thanks for sharing the cut file I will definitely have to give it a try!! Love the Disney/Pixar Hop so much awesome inspiration….Hugs Cathie

  3. That is an AWESOME file! What a great image. 1998? that’s not old! A decade and a half earlier, now that’s old! LOL!

    I have yet to figure out how to make my own images using the Silhouette Studio software so I’m duly impressed!

  4. Oh, this is just the cutest!! You MADE that Kermie on your machine…wow!! I’m a fellow Kermit lover and I think your card is fantastic…yay! I’d love a Muppets Cricut cartridge…how fun would that be? Now, I have to go dig out my rhinestone Kermit t-shirt to wear today. :-) TFS!

  5. Such a cute card…and I love that pic of you! Thanks so much for the file! :)

  6. This is so wonderful. I really need to get a cameo. Lee-Ann :)

  7. what a wonderful project.. love it.. thank you for sharing .. my youngest daughter loves kermit…

  8. Amazaing job on creating Kermit!! I love your card and I love Kermit too. I just wish I had a silhouette… Thanks for sharing your amazing card. I love that you took a picture with all the Kermits. Sooo cute.

  9. Cute card. TFS Kermit is one of my favorite muppets too. God Bless

  10. very cute.

  11. WOW!!! This is awesome!!! Live Kermit and love this beautiful project!!

  12. I love Kemit and this is such a fun card. When we were at Disney Hollywood last winter they had a 3D ride on the muppets. So yes until then I did not know it was part of Disney but I am so happy it is part of it so I can add some muppets SVg to my Disney book. TFS your file.

  13. Wow, that’s awesome. Darling project, enjoy.

  14. Love kermit! You did a great job

  15. The card is great! Thank you so much for the file.

  16. That is a great Picture of you…Its so cute and fun. I love the card you made too:)

  17. What a fabulous blog hop, I had a blast seeing all of the incredible work everyone has done. Kermit is just so sweet and your card is fabulous.

  18. I love that picture of you…too cute! Your card is WONDERFUL!

  19. ’89, ’98 your are just youngies. Try ’78 LOL.
    Thanks for sharing your Kermie moments with us.

  20. The card is so cute!! I love your grad pic. Very adorable.

  21. This card is so cute!!! Love the rainbow and I was singing that same song when I saw your post!!! Love your senior picture with Kermit!!!

  22. Well, I learned a lot from your post … I didn’t realize Kermie’s owned by The Disney Company; I learned you’re super-talented at making your own SVG files for Silhouette (and I’m downloading it shortly!); AND I learned that either YOU are way young OR I am frickin’ old!!! My HS grad was a quarter of a century before you (in 1973), before Kermie’s birth, AND I think before the invention of the camera. The cavemen carved our pictures as hieroglypics on the walls of nearby caves. In case you haven’t read ancient history of days that long ago, it was WAY before personal computers then, and we didn’t even have pocket calculators, no lie. Believe it or not, back then it was 10 centes to mail a first class letter, and the USPS (which had just been formed, having been reorganized from a federal department) was squawking about how the amount of mail had risen by 20% to more than 106 billion pieces of mail per day. And now, post offices are closing, with the advent of online bill paying and the internet.

    Well, thank you for the flashback, and the SVG file. I feel so old, and new again. It’s tough for these old dogs to keep up with you young’uns!!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  23. I totally forgot that Kermit was Disney owned which is sad because the Muppets in 3D is one of my all time favorite attractions at Disney/MGM.

  24. I love this kermit card. It is adorable. Very cute HS pic by the way. Love the glossy aceents on the card as well. Great job!!

  25. What an awesome project! And you are sooooo right most people don’t associate the Muppets with Disney! So glad you decided to give him his due! LOL

  26. What an adorable card. I love Kermit!!

    Cathy Grable

  27. OHHH Sarah! What a cute photo of you and your Kermit collection!
    I just love it! And your card….simply adorable! How fun that you made it completely yourself! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!
    happiqueen@ aol dot com

  28. Aww, he is adorable!! Awesome job! Love your cute pic by the way 😉

  29. I don’t have a silouette, but I passed this on to my gal pal that has one. Thank you for sharing! LOVE your senior picture!

  30. I LOVE it! That is so cute! “The Rainbow Connection” is one of my favorite songs! I have no idea what the Silhouette software is but I love your Kermit!

  31. Aren’t you just the cutest thing! Love the picture! Thanks for the file.

  32. Just love this card, Kermit is so cute and I love the Rainbow!!
    Cheers Jennie

  33. LOVE! Your picture is cute too To think, in 98, I was graduating from Purdue….

  34. Super cute!!

  35. Oh my gosh that is Classic!!! Love the Picture!! Love the Project!!!
    Thank you for sharing that SVG!!!!

  36. LOL! As soon as I saw your card, I started singing along with you! I love Kermie, too (although I had an Animal hand puppet – the eyebrows would even open and shut!) I loved the Muppet Show, thought the Muppet Movie that came out last year was totally awesome (one of my favorite parts was when my 10 yo son suggested that the character that was the brother who was really a muppet had “the heart of a muppet”…priceless! It was like he didn’t even see him as a muppet!) I laughed and cried, especially during Rainbow Connection and sung along, too! I’m just an old sentimental fool! But I absolutely love your photo and I graduated a couple of years ahead of you and think that your years bring lots of wisdom to your designs! Thanks for all you share!

  37. Cute photo!! I LOVE ypur Kermie collection!!
    Super cute caed!!

  38. I love Kermit! Very cute card.

  39. sooo cute. I love Kermit.

  40. So adorable!!! Just wonderful!!!
    annadowdy at gmail dot com

  41. I had to smile when I saw your graduation picture because I just posted 42 year old wedding pictures to my blog for a bridal hop..:) So don’t feel bad..

    I too have been singing the rainbow connection since reading your blog but then Kermit and the Muppet characters just bring it out of us I guess. My fave has always been Grover! I used to even talk like

    Anyway, your card is great! I love all the extra detail to it..

  42. i love your Kermit card! I used to watch the Muppet show back, way back…LOL
    My kids love to watch the movies now too!


  43. Oh my gosh I love this! I am a big fan of Kermit as well. I have to share two stories with you. One the senior picture with the characters must have been popular around that time because I graduated in 99 and have one similar to this but I have Winnie the pooh and friends around me! ONE OF MY favorite graduation pictures! I will have to post in on my blog sometime if I can locate it somewhere. But I Love Kermit. In fact my husband and I danced to Rainbow connections for our first dance song at our wedding. It is kind of our thing. And when our son was born we had a stuffed kermit in the hospital room and we hung him from the ceiling and that is what I used for my focal point. house! LOVE LOVE LOVE The card. I wish I had a silhouette so I could use this! Thanks for making that though. Very sweet of you!

  44. Very cute and love Kermit too! :)

  45. Your Kermie turned out awesome!!! He is the cutest frog ever!!!

  46. Awesome card- thanks for sharing the file and so much of yourself. rlovew1976 at

  47. Really love all the detail you put into the card:) Love your card Sarah and how nice of you to share your picture with all of us. A beautiful picture by the way with all those Kermit’s. Thank You soooooo much for sharing the cut file:) disneynut 4 life 22 at yahoo dot com

  48. Date you?? 98 seriously??? That is the year I was married (an I wasn’t a spring chicken then!). Love the card and I love your senior picture! I too have been a lover of Kermit for a very long time, I just didn’t have quite as many as you. As always your work is amazing!

  49. The Kermit the frog graduation picture is amazing! Thanks for sharing it – it made my day!

  50. How adorable, I loved the muppets growing up:) You did an awesome job creating your own Kermit, he looks good, and your card is really cute. Thanks for sharing.

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hug’s!

    Monica L.

    monita23 at ca dot rr dot com

  51. Kermit is my favorite, and I love this one! Thanks so much.

  52. Oh!! This came out incredible! I love how you embossed each color of the rainbow differently! (I’d totally keep this too!)


  53. Thanks so much for this Kermie! He is cute! I graduated in 1992, so you are not dated to me! LOL!

  54. Can this be used on an explore?


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