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Happy Halloween and a Giveaway!

Posted by on Oct 31, 2011 in 3d, Crafting, Cricut, Gift ideas, Photography, Photos, Uncategorized, Vinyl | 108 comments

  Hi everyone! I just wanted to wish you a Happy and Safe Halloween! We had a fun-filled weekend with visiting family, going to a bridal shower, going to a Halloween Carnival with the kids where they both won special prizes, trick-or-treating and mom and dad were more than ready for bedtime  on Sunday night!! I promised on Facebook on Friday that I would post a project I worked on by Saturday–but, I left town before I could get it done, and I forgot my laptop at home. Friday I seemed to really get in the crafty groove- knowing full and well that I would NOT be able to stick around for it, because I was volunteering at my kids’ schools from 9-noon and then we had to be ready to leave town by 5pm and I had to...

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Happy Halloween!

Posted by on Oct 28, 2011 in Uncategorized | 10 comments

I know it’s not really Halloween yet-but, it is the day a lot of schools are ‘celebrating’ or at least mom’s are sending in goodies of some sort, whether it’s pencils or candy! Also- a lot of kids will start trick or treating tonight- be sure your kids are wearing reflective garments so that cars can see them, and if you are driving be on the lookout for our little ghosts and goblins roaming the street. You can never be too careful! Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the day getting the treats ready for Alexis and Jaxen’s classrooms.  I didn’t want to give out tons of candy, because I know they will have enough of that by the time the weekend is over.  So, I sent them to school with goodie bags full of pencils, erasers, spider...

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Pumpkin Carving

Posted by on Oct 27, 2011 in Uncategorized | 8 comments

Last night we carved pumpkins with the kids– I found myself longing for the days of triangle eyes and silly smiles, as I taped on a Barbie shape and Mr. Pink taped on an Iron man shape. Not that these shapes aren’t awesome–but, they are a LOT of work!  My hand was cramping- and so was the Mr.’s.  When did we get old?   I told him half-heartedly across the table, “Guess we can’t have any more kids–because we won’t be able to carve their pumpkins!” Anyway- the kids did a great job helping scoop out the guts– to which my precocious daughter asked if that was what they were really called….”um…no…it’s probably called meat or flesh…hmmm…I don’t know.”  I am sure it won’t be the first time I don’t know the answer to something my kids ask.  Thank...

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Anthropologie Look-alike Ornament

Posted by on Oct 25, 2011 in 3d, Crafting, Gift ideas, Uncategorized | 18 comments

I saw this pretty little ornament on Anthropologie and thought…hmmm… I can make that. 😉  I say this a lot about things I find on Anthropolgie.  It might be because I don’t want to spend a fortune on things….(to be fair this ornament is only $12) or  because I have this uncontrollable desire to see if I can indeed figure out how to make every pretty thing I see….My husband would go with the latter, since he’s seen me spend  what he thinks was a fortune on paper over the last year 😉 I am sure I am a pain to be around, like one of those little boys who takes apart the toaster as he tries to figure out how it works (no, my son has not done this…I hide our toaster)   Anyway–I came, I saw, and...

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80’s are back

Posted by on Oct 25, 2011 in Cards, Crafting, Cricut, Uncategorized | 21 comments

This week is Drug-Free week at the schools around here- and a lot of other places from what I understand. This week my daughter gets to dress up in fun themes- and today they are flashing back to the 80’s -which I was told by my 6 year old, is the “old days.”  Wow–how fast one ages, after having a child in school!  As a child of the 80’s I feel like they weren’t THAT long ago–but, for her being born in 2005–the 80’s doesn’t even seem imaginable! I helped her pick out an outfit for today’s theme- a bright band tshirt, even if it was Hannah Montana–I would have LOVED to get my hands on a New Kids on the Block tshirt in her size…and mine for that matter 😉 I cut a few slits in it, and...

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