Pink by Design Checklist

So…Paula from More than Favors is a little addicted for Pink by Design Stamps!

She thought it would be useful to make a checklist of which stamps she had and didn’t have–and wanted to share it with all of you! 🙂


I will include it as a jpg to print off if you want, or as an excel document, if you’d prefer that!




Thank you for all of your hardwork Paula! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Pink by Design Checklist

  1. This is a smart idea, Paula! I have almost every set and this way I don’t double order! I have all the Pink by Designs in a separt carrying file folder( too many for a binder) so this helps a lot

  2. I was just thinking the other day that I should make a checklist of these as well! It would’ve really come in handy when I ran upstairs real quick to check my stash to ensure I wasn’t going to double order when the $10.99 stamps were up!


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