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Cake Pops

Cake Pops

Hi everyone!! I finally got to my Cake Pops today– after stopping at Michael’s last night for lollipop sticks! :)

I am going to walk you thru the recipe–because it is SUPER- easy  and I have to say that these little pops, taste so YUMMY!  You know me…I would never say they were as good as Starbucks, unless they truly were 😉

I told Mr. Pink after eating one of them, that I was for sure going to have to start working out–because they were just SO GOOD!

I took Bakerella’s advice and used a cake box and packaged frosting– Thanks Bakerella!

First things first, Bake a Regular 8×12 Cake- from a box- follow the instructions on the box.  My box says egg whites, but you can also leave them in –which is what I did. I used a Regular Vanilla Cake Mix.  After the cake has cooled completely- cut into about 12 squares, and crumble each square into a LARGE mixing bowl.  You want your crumbs to be pretty fine…I only took one taste at this point 😉

Next, you’ll need to add 3/4 of a container of frosting– After a little researching I figured out that the Birthday Cake Pops I loved so much at Starbucks- used Cream Cheese frosting– the cream cheese will cut down on the “sweetness” factor just a little bit!

Use the back of a big spoon to mix the frosting in with the cake crumbles– You can tell when it’s done, when you don’ t see any clumps of frosting and the cake starts to stick.  Scoop (I used a cookie scoop) to make 1.5 inch balls ( err on the side of smaller than larger, because your lollipop stick may not be able to support the weight of a larger cake ball!)

Place cake balls on a waxed paper covered cookie sheet, and stick in freezer for 15 minutes- or in the fridge for a couple of hours.  I stuck mine in the freezer- and I found that hey warmed up pretty quickly- so, I left them in there even after I started dipping them.

At about 5 minutes left to go on the freezing part of the recipe, start melting your Candy Melts in the microwave- I have a double boiler, but this goes pretty quickly so the microwave worked just fine.  Follow the instructions on melting the candy melts, until they are all melted.  Be sure to put your microwave on the defrost setting or 50% setting, or else you might scorch your candies.

After your candy is all melted- check the consistency– if it drips freely off of the spatula or spoon- you should be good– the thinner it is the better.  Of course you don’t want it to be like water either 😉  If it is too thick- which I find most candy melts are when I melt them– add a bit of shortening.  Just a little bit at a time- *1Tbls at a time, until the consistency is thinner.  You’ll know 😉

After your candy is all melted- and the right consistency- it’s time to DIP!  Take a couple cake balls out of the freezer at a time- (You can place the rest in the fridge, so they don’t freeze–I kept mine in the freezer- because they were warming up too quickly, or else 15 minutes wasn’t long enough..I’m not sure.)

You’ll first want to dip your lollipop stick (3.99 for 150) into the Candy Melts, and then stick that end into the cake ball. (This helps it hold onto the cake ball)

ps. Yes, that is a Starbucks latte in the background ;).  They don’t have cake balls around here any more–and I doubt they will get them-since it was for their birthday celebration– and probably because I kept eating them all!

Now you are ready to dip the whole ball into the candy melts! Be sure your bowl is nice and deep – so it takes one dunk, and you don’t have to hassle with trying to cover the top! :) I used the Pampered Chef small glass batter bowl ( I think that’s what it’s called)

Allow the excess candy melts to drip off- but it’s best to hold at an angle, so that cake ball doesn’t take another dive 😉

Another tip from Bakerella- is to tap your wrist that is holding the lollipop stick with your other hand to kind of shake off the excess-

*I think Mr. Pink thought I was crazy when I did this!

Stick them in a styrofoam block to let them finish drying–which goes really quickly– so as they dried I moved the dry ones to a plate, and used my styrofoam for more cake pops! ( They are not covered as perfectly and round as Starbucks–they must have a machine that does theirs ;))

Some of my candy melts got kinda melty down the lollipop stick–but, who’s gonna mind a little extra candy coating? I displayed these bouquet style with a small piece of styrofoam. :)

I know I was bad and didn’t sprinkle or decorate–but this was my first attempt :)

You can also wrap them individually for handing out – This one is tied with Cotton Candy Divine Twine and has a Pink by Design Tags & Treats sentiment tag! :)

I stamped “a yummy for your tummy,”  because these are so so so YUMMY!!!