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Nikki made me do it ;)

Nikki made me do it ;)

So, my friend Nikki from Scrappin’ Navy Wife, made an adorable Christmas card for her husband–you can click on her blog to see hers!

and, although I had sat down for the night– with a movie on– it really inspired me to get back up and make a card for my hubby! :)

DCWV glittered white paper, Tie the Knot Cricut Cartridge, Red Post-it Craft Paper, Gold Stickles, Pink by Design Winter Fun Stamps

PS.  Mr. Pink Cricut LOVED the card 😉


  1. DAMN! You’re fast! LOL…It’s AWESOME!

    ♥ Nikki ♥

  2. lol, love it!!!

  3. LOL..LOL U rocked that card!

  4. LOL!!!! I should have known if Nikki had anything to do with it… :0) It really is cute. Have a Merry Christmas.

  5. I Love it! too cute.

  6. LOL…I may not have someone in my life but I think it would be a good one to have on file for the future..a very nice card for the hubby and of course he would like it …it is from he true love!

  7. Ooo… these Hubby Christmas Cards are getting a bit RISKEYYY!!!LOL. Too Too Cute Sarah…TFS.
    Sweet Holiday Creations…

  8. Oh my heck and darn. Soooo cute!!!!!

  9. Really cute card. I bet he did love it. :)

  10. Super cute…I’m thinking it’s gonna be a Merry Christmas at your house :)

  11. cute. I think my hubby would love a card like this also.

  12. What a fabulous card for your husband! Too, too cute!

  13. This is Awesome! I love it!

  14. LOVE IT!!!!! I had to go and check out the book as its one of my new carts and I found the corset!!! So awesome! TFS!

  15. LOL, love this card! This card is probably going to make me buy that cartridge now! Thanks!! :)

  16. I love it!!!

  17. That is C U T E!!!! I love your card and Nikki’s card! And I agree, after Christmas Nikki should make that her profile pic :) I need to get those PKS faces!!!

  18. Very Cute!! Love it!! TFS!! Take Care!!
    Jennie @

  19. This isn’t a G blog anymore!! Hahaha, love it Sarah! Happy to see how Nikki is rubbing off on you 😛

  20. That is very Naughty Sarah LOL! Super cute card!

  21. Just adorable! TFS..Bug Hugs.

  22. I LOVE THIS!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  23. Well after that card Mr Pink Cricut should be all smiles. Very creative. TFS

  24. Well. are you naughty or nice? cute card,
    Merry Christmas Sarah and to your family too.
    Dawn RI

  25. I absolutely love this card very creative. Tis
    Alejandra C

  26. I’m sure Mr. Pink Cricut is going to have a VERY Merry Christmas! Awesome card! I love it!

  27. Really very cute card Sarah
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  28. I love this! Thanks for sharing it! Now I need to go make my guy his card!

  29. I have this cartridge and I think I may just make my hubby a card, lol!! Love it.

  30. Super cute. Your hubby’s is going to love it. I know mine would :)
    Have a very Merry Christmas.
    TTFN Debby

  31. Lol!! I love it!! Merry Christmas!!

  32. very cute i need that cartridge.

  33. Love it!! Merry Christmas!


  34. oh la la, wow, what a beautiful card!

  35. This is a wonderful card for your hubby not surprised he loved it and had I of seen it before now I too would of made one lol.
    Kim xXx

  36. OMG, I freakin love this card! Way to go Sarah!
    XO ~ Amy Jo

  37. That is so cute!!!

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