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Another Home Decoration

Another Home Decoration

Do you ever get in the groove of using something–and then you just can’t stop?

That’s how I’ve felt today–and my weapon of choice?  Post-it craft paper.  My mission?  Decor! :)

I had my kids do some acrylic paintings for me, last year around this time– and have not gotten around to hang them anywhere. At the time Alexis was 4 and Jaxen was 2.   I wanted some artwork for the living room.  Although, I enjoy artwork by various artists– I wanted something closer to home–so I bought the kids some acrylic paints and paintrbrushes and let them go to town!

I finally hung their artwork– and in between the art pieces I wanted some type of saying–and I think I found the PERFECT one!

Take a look! The font cartridge I chose to use, was Jasmine.

Since I put the paintings up first, I didn’t know how much space the words would take up– but, now looking at it–I need to move the painting on the right (Jaxen’s) up a little :)