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Cricut Cake

I didn’t think I would…but, I did!

I bought the Cricut Cake–it’s funny too–because it is almost exactly 1 year since I got my very first Cricut–the Expression!
My husband bought me the Cricut Expression for our Anniversary last year- and our anniversary in less than 2 weeks away–so Happy Birthday to my Cricut Expression! 😀

I sure have added a lot of Provocraft to my life and our home in 1 year 😉

Speaking of Provocraft items– did you know that you can now get a Cake Mini?

image description

And if you buy a cake -you can get 2 free cartridges and an apron?

Click the picture below for the Printable Form

Special Offer | Cricut Cake Promotion

Anyway– I bought it last week–and finally took it out of the box today, and played a little!!

Now let’s see if I can keep up with all these machines!! :)

What do you think–is the Cricut Cake for you?? If so–the original or the mini?