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Hi everyone!  I am a little late at posting today–

First, I wanted to share the winner of the Awesome Peachy Keen Frankly Set! :)

PK-634 Frankly...

Traci McPeek who said

Oh…your cards are just adorable. I LOVE LOVE LOVE PK stamps (I don’t have to go to their website to see which one I like best cuz I’m on their site every day!!!). You are giving away my favorite – “Frankly”…Would LOVE to win it!

Thank you to Peachy Keen for donating this set –if you didn’t win go check them out–they are so AMAZING!

Congratulations Traci!  Send me your address to

Next– yesterday I got a HUGE package in the mail–something I won!

A month or so ago, I won a cutting mat from Obsessed with Scrapbooking, from the Original Scrapbox.

From there, I was entered into the final drawing to win the actual Workbox from The Original Scrapbox— at Rachelle Writes.

Well, I  won, and the sweet people at The Original Scrapbox built it and then sent it to me! So, this humongous box, that weighed almost 600 lbs sat in my front yard–til my husband came home last night!

Then with some neighborly help, we managed to get it into the house-in 3 parts.  The doors just needed hinged on! Thankfully! (Big thanks to Brian and Kristi)

Then as I was cleaning up the packaging remnants from the front yard–I turned to look at my husband– (dreamily…. lol…no, he was talking to me about something) At that moment, my jeans got caught on a nail in a board.  But, not just one jean leg–both jean legs.  😕

So, it was like I was tied up at the ankles–and since I had been trying to turn–and couldn’t because I was caught– I fell– TIMBER! stye, face first into our cement porch….face first.   As I stood up, I was sure I would have knocked out a tooth–because I hit full force on my chin/jaw.  But, luckily there were no missing teeth!

I do however have  a very swollen jaw–sore mouth, neck, shoulders and face.  Oh, and I have some nice road rash on my face :).  It’s almost like scrapbooking has become and extreme sport for me! LOL

It’s okay–you can laugh– I am at the point..where it is funny now 😉

Anyway– I finally felt up to putting in the shelves late last night-and had the help of my good friend, Lindsay.  There were a LOT of shelves!! And  I began filling them last night and today– so here is my video of the event!  Sorry, there is no footage of my fall :)