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Happy Tuesday everyone!  Today I have something special planned for you– I am posting my video and project on Pinky’s blog and she is posting hers on mine– and we are giving away prizes!!! So, read to find out more!

Good morning all you amazing crafters.
Pinky here, guest blogging for Pink Cricut today, and I have to say I am so very excited to be here.

If you don’t know me, I am Cristal Hobbs but everyone calls me PINKY because of my pink hair. I am a passionate, avid crafter who loves creating and sharing online and in the classroom.
I design for Provocraft (Cricut Circle Magazine) Imaginisce, Clear Scraps, and a few other companies. I am a freelance designer and teacher, in my spare time I teach all over Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama.
I have 3 beautiful boys and 10 adorable chickens.
I love scrapbooking and altered arts, I love how scrapbooking and crafting brings out the artistic heart in your everyday crafter.

Ok enough about me!

Today is all about the PINK POWER!!

When I found the Pink Cricut blog I was so excited to see someone that shared the same pink passion for crafts, I knew right away we had to do a guest blog on each other’s blog.

So be sure to hop over to my blog and see what Sarah from Pink Cricut has to say and what she created!

It is no secret I love acrylic, and I am in a crazy acrylic sign making frenzy lately.

Here I took a, acrylic circle from Clear Scraps and I used some vintage lace, the Cottage Christmas Collection from Imaginisce, and I made a Kitchen Wall hanging for my kitchen.

I am all about tulle, vintage lace especially at Christmas time, and don’t you just love the clear snowflakes from Imaginisce? These details make it so much fun to play with paper.

Since Sarah and I BOTH love giveaways we decided it would not be a proper guest blog without some prizes.
All you have to do is FOLLOW both blogs, easy right? And leave a comment on each blog post. It will only take a few seconds, then you have a chance at one of these amazing prize packages!

Here are our blog sponsors
PLAID (Mod Podge)

Be sure to follow & comment on BOTH blogs.
You could win….a 50.00 Mod Podge package! (1 winner chosen randomly)
OR a Cottage Christmas KIT from Imaginisce!!!! (1 winner from each blog totaling 2 winners) Over 25.00 in Imaginisce supplies to make your Christmas scrapbooking or card making a success!

I hope you enjoyed the guest blog today, be sure to hop over to my blog and check out Sarah’s post!

229 thoughts on “Pink Power Blog Trade

  1. This is great what you and Cristal are doing. As I mentioned on Cristal’s (aka Pinky) blog, October is a perfect month for you two…’s PINK!!! It’s a special month for me as I have three friends who had survived breast cancer and it’s a good reminder for us women to take care of ourselves and try to find a cure for cancer and prevention!

    I love this Christmas sign……it’s is sooooo cute!!!!

  2. I love, love, love your Christmas decoration for your kitchen. The saying is so true, Christmas memories ARE made in the kitchen! I especially enjoy the little ones wanting to “help” with all the baking that goes on for Christmas. We just pull up a chair, tie on an apron of some sort and let them get as messy as they want. Those pictures are treasure tokens of “Christmas Memories in the Kitchen”. You are an inspiring crafter.

  3. What an adorable project! I love Imaginise products and you did such a great job with them! How fun to see you guest blog here – I’m off to follow YOUR blog! THank you!

  4. Seeing your projects makes me giddy inside. I am already getting excited to bake in my Kitchen this Christmas. My DD (4) and I started a tradition last year where we make spritz cookies and decorate them with sprinkles and package them up to take to the nursing home up the road from our house. The people there love to see my little girl and I feel like it is teaching her to care for others and a little mercy along the way! I LOVE your sign!!

  5. Pinky, loving your style!! Ijust love how this wall decor turned out!! Thank you so much for sharing and for the chance to win. I already follow both awsome blogs!! PINK OUT!!!!!

  6. Cristal, everything you touch turns out wonderfully!! :0)

    So cool for you 2 to team up and swap posts!!

    Awesome giveaways, too!! Rock on ladies!

    I follow both of your blogs and on FB.

  7. Pinky! This is precious I need to do some background on your blog because I have missed where you told how to make an sign because I am in love with this. What a great personalized gift to give someone! Thank you both so much for haring and how fun to trade blogs I would love to participate if you do it again because I am a pink girl through and through!

  8. Love to see all the different clever ideas that help spark my own creativity-need lots of help! Thanks for sharing and the opportunity to win great products as well.

  9. OMGosh can you make me one of those for me?!! Just kiddin, I love it Pinky it is so beautiful! this was a fun trade, what a cool idea… great projects both of you!

  10. EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!! Oh my stars Pinky!!!! I LOVE this!!!! I totally gotta make one too 🙂 I just became a follower over here and you know I am already one of yours 🙂 Thanks to you both for such awesome projects today!!!!

  11. I think ALL crafters have some pink in us! So like your project. And am off to the other blog now! TFS.
    MCF’s Mimi

  12. HEY PINKY,

  13. I love it, it would look awesome in my kitchen with perhaps a green theme rather than the red – i love how i can find other peoples blogs due to the guests and hopping that you do

  14. Love the sign – how fun that would be to have in the kitchen. Thanks for showcasing your work here – off to see your blog!

  15. Imaginisce Makes things so easy, We crafters are not hard to please, All we want is ease of use and versatility! ok, so maybe bling and color too! lol! You and Sarah done a greaqt job. Thanks so much! I love the ventage look of your project!

  16. What a darling project! And the kitchen is definitely a place for memories! It’s where the family gathers whenever we get together. Thanks so much for the chance at some goodies! So very appreciated!

  17. What a great sign. I love all of your acrylic creations. Thanks for sharing both blogs with us. I’ve enjoyed each project.

  18. This is a cute sign! I’ve never made one, but want to learn how. I am a follower of the Pink Cricut and I am going to hop on over to your blog and become a follower. I would like to know when U will be teaching in TN I live an hour outside of Nashville an would love to come see your class. I love your hair!!!! I think it would be cool to put some magenta low lights in the top section.
    Have a blessed day!

  19. I was Sooooo excited when I saw that two of my favorite bloggers were blog swapping! I love your project, Pinky! I hope I win some Christmas cottage so I can totally scraplift you! 🙂

  20. What a awesome project! My mother would love that. Thanks for sharing and off to visit your blog. I follow Pink Cricut’s Blog.
    tabitha4cm at yahoo dot com

  21. Love it, the lace the snowflake, it all just comes together beautifully.

    thanks Liset

    hailemnat at gmail dot com

  22. Such a sweet idea for Christmas. For some reason my kitchen gets a little left out at Christmastime so maybe I’ll have to jazz it up with a wall hanging like the one you made! So cute!

  23. I do love those clear snowflakes from Imaginisce and it is a great little embellishment to your beautiful Christmas Kitchen acrylic hanging! Thanks for switching it up with Sarah. Great blog posts today!

  24. A heartwarming project with so many possibilities – so many signs you could put in your kitchen. Those great snowflakes could last all winter.

  25. Two of my favorite blogs creating awesome stuff from my favorite companies!!!! You ladies ROCK!!!! I just love both of you…you inspire me to try new techniques and introduce me to new and awesome products! Thanks so much!

  26. Cristal–this is a very cool project. I love anything vintage also–fabrics and laces especially. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.


  27. Love, love this project! Thanks for doing a blog swap. I was already a Pink Cricut follower and now I am a Pinky follower too!

  28. I would be in the “Pink” if I were chosen to win, but more importantly what a great idea to swap blogs. Nice to meet you Pinky

  29. I totally love this project. One day I will figure out how to do stuff like that. TFS.

    P.S. My daughter will totally love your hair. She wants to dye hers like that.

  30. Wow!!! Beautiful project. I’ve never done a project using Acrylic. I would love to see a video on it. Hint hint Pink Cricut. Ok I’ve been a Pink Cricut follower and today I became a follower on Much Ado About Nothing. Now am complete. You PINK ladies ROCKS!!!!

  31. Hey Crystal! Great to see you here.I’ve often wondered if you knew each other. Love your little sign Great idea, I did something similar for halloween last year. I put it on my door so the kids in the complex knew we’d be giving out candy. It worked well. I might do it again this year. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  32. WOW Awesome idea and it is so beautiful. I am and have been a follower and I am now a follower of much ado about nothing and I am also friend on facebook. Thanks so much for the chance to win these awesome prizes.
    annadowdy at gmail dot com

  33. This is GREAT what the you two are during. October is a special month to me as my mom is a breast cancer surviour and she’s going at round two (so far so good). And besides the fact that I love PINK and I have a wonderful daughter whose favorite color is Pink and Red.

    I just happened upon Pinky’s blog and found yours. You ladies are soooo talented. TFS.

    Gladly a follower of both.

  34. Ok so that is a really cute christmas decoration! I love the clear snowflake! but then again I love most everything that is Imaginisce puts out!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  35. Pinky you look marvelous on this blog! As usual you have made a wonderful project. I so love your style girl.
    Congrats on guesting today, and love both of you for inspiration.

  36. This is terrific! I love the idea and you have so much inspiration there. I even have those gold bead chains. I have to get going on this project. Thanks!

  37. Hi Pinky. I love the acrylic signs you have made. They are so fun. I am a follower here now, and was already a follower at your blog. Thanks for sharing. Jen

  38. Oh my goodness I love all of this and to know it was done with paper!! These would make great x-mas gifts! Both u ladies are soo very talented!! True Crafty “pink Talent” Hugs

  39. Beautiful! I really enjoy the things you create, Cristal, and your creativity is so inspiring!

    TFS, and keep up the good work! 🙂

  40. Pinky I love this project.. I love christmas and I too love acrylic… so many crative options. thanks for being a guest on Sarah’s blog.. and now I will head over to yours 🙂


    lostnwa98 mat frontier dot com

  41. Great idea love pinky stuff Thanks for a chance to win and your so right Kitchen is christmas that’s one of the first things I think of eating christmas dinner with the family and all the smells.

  42. I LOVE pink and I love this kitchen hanger. I’ve been stock piling acrylic because I love using it in all types of projects. Thanks for the inspiration and the link to Pinky’s wonderful blog.

  43. This is so cute!! I would love to win the paper and be able to make this for my mom’s kitchen. She does so much and makes so many memories with her “special” things she makes at christmas, peanut butter balls and rum cakes to name a few. It would be great to give her something like this she could look at while she is cooking and give her a smile 🙂

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win — how generous!!

  44. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous Christmas kitchen hanger! Love the snowflakes! I already follow both of you! Thanks to Imaginisce and Plaid for sponsoring this great giveaway!

  45. What a great idea since I love both of your blogs! LOVE your project – the colors are beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  46. I adore this as always Pinky! How fun to trade blogging sites for the day! I got to meet someone new and enter my name into the hat for an awesome prize! Thank you so much! I’m unsure how to become a follower so I’ve joined the site on google…hope that’s right!

  47. That is SOOOOO adorable!!! Thanks for sharing such an awesome project with us all! Love that you both swapped blogs for the day. That is awesome! Guest blogging is such a great thing to do!

  48. I love Christmas and decorating for the holiday and my favorite thing to use to decorate is snowflakes!! I loved the little clear snowflake on this wall hanging! LOVE IT!! Thanks Pinky!!


  49. I also a pink lover, loved your project, also like all vintage stuff too. I am always trying to think of something holidays for kitchen. TFS

  50. PINK PINK PINK!! Love PINK!! And I love the kitchen wall hanging!! Great job! And I love that you gals are willing to post on each others blogs! That’s awesome!

  51. How fun to see you over here Pinky!! I discovered and have been following both yours and Sarah’s blogs since the summer CHA. I love your holiday project. Thanks for sharing!!

  52. Hello Pinky, nice to meet you. Thank you for sharing your wonderful project. I just love seeing such creativity! Thanks for the opportunity to win a treat.

  53. Hi Pinky! I love the sign-it’s so pretty! It’s an idea I might have to try; my mom’s family lives in a small country town, and country cooking has always been a big thing at Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  54. Wow! What a beautiful decoration. It makes me long for homemade goodies, christmas trees, and twinkling lights! Thank you for sharing!

  55. I love Christmas and all the great things we can make for our home and others. These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing and offering a great giveaway.

  56. Christmas is my favorite time to decorate. But you made me realize I do not have much decorations for the kitchen. I love your kitchen hanging. Thank you for sharing. I guess I better get to work and start making decorations for my kitchen!!

  57. Hi Pinky,

    Thanks for introducing me to a new site, I look forward to seeing Sarah’s creations as well as yours. Another hit with your acrylic sign!!!! Thanks for the opportunities to win 🙂

  58. Loved the project! I became a follower to both the blog and the newsletter! Now I’m hopping over to your blog! 🙂

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