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Cricut Imagine Updates RELEASED!!!

Hey its official – Provo Craft just released their most recent update for the  Cricut Imagine  – HURRY CHECK THEM OUT!!!!

You can find the Imagine update at the following site.

“This will update your machine to Version 79, which will fix a few minor bugs including some bugs that evidence themselves during the update process. It will also prep your machine for use with the Gypsy. When the Gypsy update comes out your Gypsy will then be able to communicate with the Imagine. I confirmed that the Gypsy update will come out in Mid October now…” – source from PC


  1. THank you Sarah !!! I sometimas want to move around the shapes on my Imagine and can’t :(
    I had my first paper jam in my I. The paper came loose and fell of the mat inside the machine. IT WAS THE WORSE!!! Martha C.

  2. I am so spoiled to my Gypsy, they better hurry before I pull all my hair out.LOL

  3. Yeah Yeah!! moving forward. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  4. Martha to keep the paper from sliding off I started using a little tape at the top and bottom of the mat!

  5. Thanks Sarah I can’t wait until I can use my gyspy I’m lost with out her.

    Thanks for everything you do for us

  6. how long does the update take?

  7. Update for gypsy and Imagine went off without a hitch. So glad whew, lol

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