The Embossing Technique You’ve Been Waiting FOR!!!

Some of you saw these nifty little templates I purchased at CHA, that allowed me to emboss,  leaving a blank spot in the embossed paper.  This blank spot allowed me to have room  to stamp!  I thought it was such a fantastically clever and simple idea- that I just had to try to make them myself!!

Well, I figured it out–and now I am going to show YOU all…this trick PLUS another simple, but MUST KNOW embossing trick to use with stamping sentiments from the Pink by Design Stamp Sets 😉 ;).  (or whatever stamps you have laying around)

This tutorial reminds me of another tutorial I did, on making your own EMBOSSING PLATES–you can check that out HERE!  Come on, click it–you know you want to!

So, what’d you think? Was it w

orth the wait?

30 thoughts on “The Embossing Technique You’ve Been Waiting FOR!!!

  1. this is GREAT! I think I will cut out a Christmas Tree shape and use that – I think it will work well. I think if I stamp a tree, and then cut that out I can use that to be sure the tree stamps correctly in the embossed area!

  2. What a great tip! This would also look neat if you were to add ink to the folder before embossing (like on your previous post). Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great tutorial. I can’t wait to try this. TFS
    You could use so many “frame” shapes, such as hearts for valentine, tree for christmas, oval for easter egg, etc. Wow, cool.

  4. Great viseo…Thank you so much for the great idea….
    I do have a question for you off topic… I know you use the IRock and I am thinking of getting one…
    Well my question is did you use it to decorate your ATGgun and do you know if it can be used on cell pohones and computer mouse….

  5. Thanks for sharing this! I have been trying out different embossing techniques and can’t wait to try these! Your tutorial is really easy to follow, thank you! Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks so much for posting this video. Been looking for a way to do with big shot & would never have thought to use only one acrylic sheet. Now I can get on with my Christmas cards

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