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The Cricut Imagine Announced

The Cricut Imagine Announced

So, I guess at the Cricut Circle Gala last night, many Circlets received Imagine machines! Yay for them….  :( for me.  But, that’s okay– I hope they create wonderful things!

The Imagine will be able to use old cartridges and special “imagine cartridges” as well.  You can select preset colors or make your own color combinations.

You  can see more of the Imagine on these videos by Sweet Sassy Diva— You can check out her site, by clicking on her name link!

NEW VIDEO BY TAMMY SKINNER at Cricut Critters!!!/video/video.php?v=1561831448376

I told you I would share everything with you about the Cricut Circle, as I found out…so here is the latest…and it looks like we were right!

Ink cartridges are going to be 34.99 for black and 39.99 for color :(

HSN will start selling the machine in September– will I get it??  Probably, if the price comes down just a little ;).  I love a good sale!  Plus I have to try it out for all of you!~

So, what do you think??