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My Scrapbooking Spot

Posted by on Mar 26, 2010 in Uncategorized | 7 comments

Okay, I have a scrapbooking room, so to speak, it has a door, a table, a cricut, lots of paper–as well as the water heater and no real walls   It’s okay, though–because it is my space and it is functional.  I have been doing a little rearranging and decorating in there, so I thought I would take some pictures to share with you.  Note the “walls.”   It does not allow the possibility to hang anything, but one day I will have drywall… I, with the help of a scrappy friend, improvised by hanging ribbon from the ceiling from hooks- and then lacing ribbon onto that ribbon. This is the shelving cabinet my husband picked up for me to store scrapbooking stuff– The top filled up with magazine holders, and a cute chalkboard box from Hobby Lobby.  I also...

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I am so proud…or should I be scared?

Posted by on Mar 18, 2010 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

So, I think that my 4 year old daughter is fully inducted into the crafting world.  I just haven’t decided if I should be proud–or scared! She loves to scrapbook with me, and has her own little table in my scraproom- She has her own box of pictures, papers, embellishments etc.  She has her own little cuttlekids scissors and her own purple cows paper trimmer.  Don’t get too excited-most of these things were hand-me-downs as others graduated in their scrapbooking supplies. She does not have her own cricut, or cuttlebug–but she wants both.  (uh-oh) While we were at Target the other day, she was a couple steps ahead of me, and stops suddenly, with a gasp.  I look over to see what is wrong…and she says…”OH. MY. GOSH.”  “It’s. a. Hannah. Montana. Gypsy.” I look over, because I am puzzled. ...

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Brownie Bites

Posted by on Mar 14, 2010 in Sweet, Treats | 1 comment

For a get-together we had at our house–I wanted to make something a little different, bite-sized, and full of as much flavor as a full-sized brownie. So, I decided to make brownie balls- or bites…whatever you want to call them. I made brownies, the old-fashioned way in a 9×13 pan.   After the brownies were baked, I let them cool for just a bit–and then started to scoop out the middle of the pan with a small cookie scoop.  I used the 1tbs sized one.  I stayed away from the edges, because of their crunchiness–but they did not go uneaten After scooping, I rolled the brownie into a ball- and then dipped it into almond bark. Then I sprinkled the almond bark with toffee chips.  As the almond bark was running low, I decided to just drizzle the rest, which...

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Dry Embossing, oh- how I love you!

Posted by on Mar 14, 2010 in Cards, Crafting, Cricut | 1 comment

This is my new machine, soley used for embossing.  I have had a ball with this machine–and it is so PRETTY.  It is simple enough for my 3 year old to use–and he has even taught me a few things ;). It is the Sizzix Big Shot, and I have been using the Cuttlebug Embossing Folders as well as the Sizzix Texturz plates in it! I love being able to dry emboss everything!  I don’t think I will do a card w/o a dry embossing technique ever AGAIN~! Here are 2 of the cards with the embossing done on some part of them.  Both of these cards were done at the GoldDove Scrapping Nights.  (we are talking: friends, margaritas, snacks, laughing, and oh yeah, crafting) I had to replicate the cute owl, and note that his belly has been...

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