Gourmet Hot Cocoa

There are some things I have become spoiled in, as I have gotten older.  One of them, is hot cocoa.  This grown-up girl is not settling for those powder packets and hot water ever again.  I am just too old to waste calories on a less than yummy version of what should be a delectable treat.

I have tried many hot cocoa recipes, and used a variety of ingredients to get the Hot Cocoa I LOVE!  I know not everyone will think this is the BEST cocoa recipe, because we are all different.  Some of us like it super-rich, some of us like it with a spicy kick.  I like mine foamy, and with a perfect dose of chocolate.  However, after finding the recipe I preferred, I then started to switch the brands of ingredients–and found the best ingredients for this PERFECT cup of cocoa, IMO.  However, you might want to take my word for it, if you know how picky I am about my coffee– and that I would unhesitatingly pay $5 for a cup at Starbucks.  But, this cocoa–has Starbucks cocoa beat.

So, without further ado, here is the recipe with brand suggestions, please do not feel obligated to use these brands–they are not paying me to write this–(although, I wish they were).

Frothy Hot Cocoa
Makes 1 big mug

2 cups of milk
2 t of Penzey’s High Fat, Dutch Process Cocoa
4 t of sugar
3/4 cup of mini marshmallows
1 t of homemade vanilla (message me for how-to)
Sprinkle of Penzey’s Cassia Cinnamon

Combine the first 4 ingredients in a pot.  Heat on med. until marshmallows are melted and foamy.  Add vanilla, and then pour into warmed mug.  Sprinkly cinnamon on top– and sip away! Mmm

Next yummy drink recipe I will try to conquer- Peppermint Mocha


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