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You Spice up My Life

Posted by on Nov 10, 2009 in Savory, Treats | 2 comments

I love homemade everything–if I can figure out how to make it from scratch– I will.  It tastes better, and makes me feel better about giving it to my family.  One thing I have learned to make, that also saves money are spice blends.  Yes, I am still a spice-snob, and do most of my spice shopping at Penzey’s nowadays– but their spice blends as well as everyone else’s are so ExpEnsivE…and you can’t really change them.  So instead, I buy their amazing spices, and make my own blends.  Then I save my old jars, and fill them with my new spice blends–I can give them as gifts or just always have what I need on hand. Here are a couple that I love to make and use a lot of: Taco Seasoning – can be multiplied and adjusted...

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Gourmet Hot Cocoa

Posted by on Nov 3, 2009 in Sweet, Treats | 4 comments

There are some things I have become spoiled in, as I have gotten older.  One of them, is hot cocoa.  This grown-up girl is not settling for those powder packets and hot water ever again.  I am just too old to waste calories on a less than yummy version of what should be a delectable treat. I have tried many hot cocoa recipes, and used a variety of ingredients to get the Hot Cocoa I LOVE!  I know not everyone will think this is the BEST cocoa recipe, because we are all different.  Some of us like it super-rich, some of us like it with a spicy kick.  I like mine foamy, and with a perfect dose of chocolate.  However, after finding the recipe I preferred, I then started to switch the brands of ingredients–and found the best ingredients...

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